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Finally - Buyers meet Sellers in today's Limo & Livery vehicle market.
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When you list your limo it will stay listed until it sells or until you delete the ad.
The price is only $24.95 per ad. Plus can submit two good size pictures to be 
displayed in your ad! Our classified ad prices are the lowest around but you ad 
exposure will be tremendous! Limos4sale.com established in 1997 is consistently
in the top 10 of all the major search engines. Your ad will be seen!
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* The first step is to create your own account with your own user name and password 
(be sure to write down). You can edit  your ad as much as you would like!

Step One: Go here to register your account. 
(You may want to print these instructions to use as a reference after you navigate away from this page).

Step Two: You will be directed to Logon using the the user name and password you just registered for your new account. 
Logon page can be viewed here. Your new user name and password will be e-maild to you in case you forgot it.

Step Three: 
Click on link that says "Place Limousine for Sale Ad"as illustrated below.  You will not be able place an ad
without registering first (step one).

Step Four:
You will then be able to Post a Classified Ad, the instructions will be listed on the on that page, as illistrated below. 
NOTE: You will be able to logon to your account and view or modify your ad, but it will not be visible to the public until it's paid for, see ad paymnet information below (Step Five) **
The instructions for adding pictures to your ad will be listed after your post your ad, see below. *

** Step Five: 
Check your e-mail for payment instructions.

You can go here to pay for your ad: http://www.limos4sale.com/PayHere.html

Your ad will not be visible to the public until we receive payment for it, make sure you enter your ad number on the payment page.

** If you choose to postal mail your ad payment the instructions are here: http://www.limos4sale.com/PayHere.html

Posting Photos To You Ad:
* After posting your ad, you will see an option on the lower part of the page that says "Upload a Multimedia File to Your Ad" and a Browse button. This will allow to upload pictures from your computer, or camera. The maximum size in bytes that the photos you uploaded can be 650000, the maximum width in pixels is 1350 and  the maximum height in pixels is 1350. Video clips are allowed too, but we prefer you post still pictures to your ad. If you are not able to size your pictures please e-mail them to CMPHelp@yahoo.com be sure to mention your ad number and I will post them for you. (You will receive an e-mail after posting your ad and it will let you know what your ad number).

You can modify or delete your ad pictures simply by clicking on the "Edit Ads" link at the top of the Classifed Ad page. 

If you need help, there is a Help link at the top of the Classifed Ad page. You can also call Karen at  561-212-1753 be sure to leave you phone number on voice mail  if  no answer. Your call will be returned ASAP. I will be glad to guide you through the process to post your ad. Or you can e-mail me at CMPHelp@yahoo.com

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